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RunKeeper Boston, MA

RunKeeper is a fitness technology company that packs the benefits of a personal trainer into the convenience of a smartphone. RunKeeper allows users to track fitness activities using GPS and to see detailed statistics around their pace, distance, and time. It also allows users to get statistics, progress, and coaching through their headphones with built-in audio cues; listen and control music while working out; measure their heart rate and take pictures to share and save while engaged in an activity. RunKeeper tracks performance over time, allowing users to view a detailed history of activities; get notifications for new personal "bests" and milestones and measure progress against current goals. RunKeeper allows users to share their personal content with friends through posting activities, achievements and plans to Facebook and Twitter, and allows supporters watch live maps of workouts and races as users run. Integrates with the built-in music function of the phone and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Also has an online social network of users that share progress, goals, training programs and mapped routes.

Category: Health & Fitness
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