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Tag: site generation

Mixture Ludlow, UK

A rapid prototyping and static site generation tool for designers and developers. Get started quicker & build faster with access to a growing selection of popular boilerplates & project templates like Bootstrap, Foundation & Sassaprilla. Mixture automatically handles preprocessing, minification & concatenation, leaving you to focus on your project rather than the setup. Mixture's built-in server enables multi-device testing & debugging by default. All changes to your project are live & instantaneous across all devices, and Mixture gives you powerful features of server-side languages like PHP, .NET or Rails without the install and setup. Publish your project online. It’s as easy as one click. Share your published URL, password protect, get feedback, client sign-off or even add your own domain and host your site.

Category: Design
Tags: boilerplates, coding, design, development, site generation