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Orbital Systems Malmö, Sweden

Orbital Systems is a cutting-edge technology company in southern Sweden that has developed a disruptive water recycling technology. Orbital Systems is tackling the issue of water conservation with a new household shower that purifies any water that goes down the drain and sends it back to the shower head. Its closed-loop system could retain over 90 percent of the water and 80 percent of the energy consumed by an ordinary shower. To recycle the water coming out of it, a sophisticated filtering system and pump is fitted directly beneath the shower drain in the floor. As the soapy, used water flows into the drain, it's immediately purified and pumped right back into the shower to be re-used again and again. It's a similar system to the kind astronauts use on space shuttles and Orbital Systems has collaborated with the Johnson Space Center at NASA on the project. The current model of the OrbSys Shower has a touchscreen embedded in the wall, which allows users to check its status and adjust the temperature and water flow more precisely. Water and energy savings, higher comfort, and cleaner water.

Category: Electronics
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