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Tag: platform

Somewhere Berlin, Germany

Somewhere is a visual platform for sharing your work and a place for you to share what matters about your work: your interests, inspiration, methods, daily habits and much more (they provide some interesting questions to help you get started!) You also get to explore other people's work, interests and inspiration. The more you share and explore, the better your chances are of finding like-minded people. People you might even work with one day! It's about time to treat work as it is in 2014 (and beyond). More independent, diverse, project-based, creative and collaborative.

Category: Design
Tags: platform, project, sharing, visual, work

Syncofy Berlin, Germany

Syncofy is a modern music search and discovery application specifically designed for music industry professionals. Syncofy are building a centralized marketplace for music licensing, that lets music users search for music cues and then license them directly from the music provider, "hassle free" without a middleman. Syncofy aims to bring musicians and commercial consumers of music together, thus eliminating the time consuming and often negotiation intensive process between the creator of music and their consumers through third parties. The platform itself is simple to use and focuses on semantic search capabilities and one-click licensing, yet it implements and leverages complex methods of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Category: Entertainment
Tags: marketplace, music, music industry, musicians, platform, search