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bubl Toronto, Canada

Bublcam is a 360º spherical camera that has no blind spots, captures photos and videos and fits in the palm of your hand. A spherical camera that captures 100% of the spherical range. Like Google Street View, but with the ability to capture photos and videos. The innovative 4 lens tetrahedral design takes 4 fisheye photos or videos and they are stitched to create a beautiful panorama ready for viewing. All in a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. The camera and software has been developed to provide users with the ability to capture spherical photos and videos, experience them and share them across your favourite social networks. It utilizes Wi-fi to allow you to live stream directly to your mobile devices. The Bublcam also enables you to save your content to a MicroSD card and bubl are working on getting content to your favourite cloud storage providers like Drop Box, Google Drive and Younity.

Category: Electronics
Tags: 360, camera, photo, picture, streaming, video