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Smule San Francisco, CA

A social network for making music. Smule has launched a number of popular, music-themed mobile apps, including Sing! Karaoke, Guitar, Ocarina, Magic Piano, and I Am T-Pain. Now it’s turning its website into a social network that it calls Smule Nation, highlighting performances from across all of its apps. The apps have always emphasized sharing. Now, with Smule Nation, the company can highlight the best performances across all of its apps. The website includes a section for the most popular music across the network, as well as the company’s curated picks. If you find a performer you like, you can visit their profile page to see other performances and follow them to get updates when they add new content. Those performers, meanwhile, get a unified presence for their work across the various apps, and if they want to share content, they can now just share a link.

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