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Parcel San Francisco, CA

If you want to track all your postal shipments on your iOS or Mac device, without wasting time checking websites – Parcel is the right app for you. This app will track your shipments and do even more. Designed to work across your Mac and iOS devices, it ensures that you’ll be able to keep tabs on your deliveries at all times. The apps are free to use, and allow you to track up to three simultaneous packages gratis. Subscribe for $2 a year, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on unlimited deliveries, plus get push notifications about their travels. Once you input a tracking number, Parcel automatically detects the carrier, and allows you to add an optional description. If you have a number in your clipboard, it’ll automatically import when you go to add a new item in the app. Settings allow you to fine tune the push notifications, to only one or day, or also upon delivery.

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