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Circa San Francisco, CA

Circa is designed to serve as a daily brief of top stories, condensed into bullet points for quick reading on mobile devices. Rather than summarize, Circa take stories and break them into core elements -- facts, statistics, videos and images -- and add context to certain points. Rather than a long narrative, this offers a series of points that you can get through in seconds rather than minutes. Circa's breaking news notifications are like a live blog of essential information, with each new, relevant item pushed to subscriber devices. Rather than just sending a headline, Circa editors create a "stub" with the basic points of the story. Users can "follow" stories to receive automated updates, adding new elements to stories as they evolve without rehashing what has been previously written.

Category: Social
Tags: breaking news, mobile, news, notifications, reading, summarize

ThingM San Francisco, CA

ThingM designs and manufactures high quality, extremely usable digital devices using cutting-edge techniques and approaches, bringing traditional craftsmanship to the world of modern technology. Main product is the blink(1) - a super status light: it packs three dimensions of information (color, brightness and pattern) into a single tiny package that fits into any USB port on nearly every device. It makes it incredibly easy to connect any data source in the cloud or on your computer to a full-color RGB LED so you can know what’s happening without checking any windows, going to any websites or typing any commands. Wide range of other smart LED products.

Category: Electronics
Tags: blinking, digital device, led, notifications, update, usb