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Cadenza Boston, MA

An orchestra in an app! Play your favorite concertos, sonatas, and chamber music while Cadenza actually listens to you and accompanies you with recordings of real musicians. With you as the soloist the Cadenza orchestra fits your playing in real time. Why use Cadenza? You get the full sound of the music you’re playing, including all the parts played by other musicians. You improve faster and gain deeper understanding of the music and your collaborative role in it. Record your part mixed with great orchestras and chamber musicians, effortlessly synchronized to your way of playing. Listen to your recordings to gain insights that help you refine and improve your musicianship and artistic vision. Share your recordings with your teacher and your friends. Play with Cadenza every day and help yourself grow and enjoy music-making more than ever.

Category: Entertainment
Tags: accompaniment, learning, music, musician, orchestra, sharing