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Enertiv New York City, NY

Revolutionizing the way energy is monitored in buildings by turning real-time energy readings into actionable insights. Enertiv design and manufacture easy-to-install energy meters and sensors that work with their advanced energy management software and provide informed recommendations on reducing consumption. The company are aiming to take the mystery out of energy usage in buildings by making it 100% transparent and showing users how to be more efficient. Because the system pinpoints each energy inefficient behavior with simple language in real-time, it’s easier to educate your occupants in a meaningful way. Enertiv will also work with you to incentivize your tenants, franchisees, or clients to maximize savings through competition. Your energy data is also crafted to be shared with your occupants. With increased transparency and a nudge of behavioral psychology, Enertiv’s interactive platform will empower you to increase sustainability throughout the building.

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