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Mapkin Cambridge, MA

Mapkin helps you enjoy the journey by combining turn-by-turn GPS with a fun way to share directions and local knowledge with friends. Create and share rich, personalized experiences. Set the path, add details to a map, and personalize voice instructions. Make GPS fun. A Mapkin is a totally unique map, created on demand for your particular route. Simplify the map, use landmarks at tricky turns, and use personable voice guidance. It’s the best of maps and the best of turn-by-turn, bundled into a free mobile app. Mapkins can be created and shared with others. Planning a trip? Know an awesome cycling route you want to share with a friend? Or the world? Create a Mapkin. You can change the route, point out tricky intersections, add landmarks, and even change what it says along the way. Make their journey more meaningful when you can’t be there to experience it with them.

Category: Transport & Travel
Tags: app, directions, gps, journey, local knowledge, map, sharing, travel, travelling