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Predilytics Burlington, MA

Predilytics is an advanced healthcare predictive analytics product and services company. Predilytics applies its patented analytic tools to transform healthcare “big data”, and to point the way for at-risk healthcare organizations to optimize and precisely target their care delivery resources, to increase revenue, and to control costs. Predilytics use customers’ structured and unstructured data, along with external data sources, to predict healthcare consumers’ behavior at the individual level. This means that customers and their colleagues can confidently focus their efforts on individual members who show a high probability of success, and prioritize their scarce resources to maximize overall impact and cost-effectiveness. Predilytics solutions are applicable to any healthcare organization that has assumed, or is considering assuming, risk for healthcare consumers, and addresses the business challenges of payers, providers, ACOs, and care management organizations.

Category: Health & Fitness
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