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Tag: bluetooth

Agent San Francisco, CA

Agent is a set of tools that uses your context to help you throughout the day. Agent’s use of context based triggers completely eliminates the need for you to have to repetitively open up your phone. For example, Agent knows when you’re walking into a meeting, and will silence your phone for you. Agent is triggered by bluetooth. It can be configured to silence your phone, read SMS messages aloud, auto respond to texters and callers to let them know you’re driving (editable message), only respond to your own hand-picked list, reply to those not in your contact list, allow only urgent calls and messages through when you’re sleeping, save your battery and remember where you’ve parked.

Category: Electronics
Tags: app, automate, bluetooth, mobile, phone, trigger

Rise Seattle, WA

Rise, a sleek new wearable sit tracker, allows people to track their sitting habits to improve their health. Rise tracks sitting time, enables personalized time limits for sitting, and lets wearers compete with friends. The Android and iOS apps allow Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices to monitors unhealthy sitting habits and suggest new, healthier habits. Wearers are able to set timers to limit the time spent sitting, view their progress towards a healthier lifestyle, and compete with friends and colleagues to see who can incorporate the healthiest sitting habits. Rise is built around a tiny MEMS accelerometer that can measure motion and orientation of the wearer’s body. When it’s placed on the wearer’s waist or thigh, custom algorithms interpret the accelerometer data to determine if the wearer is sitting, standing, or active. Rise uses a simple magnetic fastener to stay in place no matter what clothing it’s attached to. While Rise will only track sitting to begin with, step counting and calorie counting algorithms are in the works.

Category: Health & Fitness
Tags: app, bluetooth, health, sitting, tracker