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Copia New York City, NY

Built in social features make reading and studying a shared experience. Follow professors and classmates who take great notes. Join discussions and study groups, all centered around the books you love as well as your required reading. Join online or from the pages of an open e-book. When you write notes, highlight text and bookmark important pages, your friends can follow along and respond back. This makes Copia the only social platform that allows you to discuss your books while you read. Welcome to the next-generation bookstore. Where you go, it goes. Shop new releases, bestsellers and old favorites. There are hundreds of thousands of titles you can download instantly. Stay connected with the Desktop Reader and Copia for the iPad, with automatic sync between devices. So you’ll always be up to date, no matter how you’re connected.

Category: Education
Tags: annotation, books, note-taking, notes, reading

Diigo Reno, NV

Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management. Dramatically improve your workflow and productivity. Read more effectively with annotation tools as you browse around the web. Add digital highlighters and sticky notes whether on PC, tablets, or mobile, and have them always be where you left them when you return! Build your personal library in the cloud, with links, pages, notes, pictures etc, never to be lost, and ready to be accessed anywhere. Provide feedback and catch attention with annotation or screenshots. Diigo provides unsurpassed organization capabilities, with both tagging and lists, to suit different needs. Each piece of information can be set as private or public. Build a group knowledge repository for your family, your class, your team, or your entire company; each group member can add and subscribe to it, and browse and search it.

Category: Cloud, Design
Tags: annotation, cloud, highlight, mobile, organisation, reading