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Tag: advertising

Tapjoy San Francisco, CA

The Tapjoy Marketplace presents a list of targeted advertisements that app users can choose to complete in exchange for virtual rewards and/or premium content. Users typically access the Tapjoy Marketplace by clicking on an “Earn Rewards/Gold/Gems” button within the app. Unlock new revenue streams - monetize a larger percentage of your user base through this popular payment alternative. Give your users choice - the Tapjoy Marketplace allows your users to choose among thousands of offers from leading brands. Easy Integration - simply download and integrate the SDK into your Android, iOS and Windows app. It couldn’t be easier.

Category: Social
Tags: ads, advertising, app, monetized, rewards

Adelphic Mobile Boston, MA

Adelphic poly-dimensional targeting technology uniquely converges mobile, contextual, demographic data with behavior segments to create a unique identifier - the Adephic, a-tag. The a-tag enables scalable re-targeting opportunities and performance ROI measurement for the first time in mobile. Whether media owner, brand or agency, Adelphic is the only reliable, safe and scalable way to meaningfully connect the world's best brands to the real people who buy them.

Category: Business
Tags: advertising, marketing, mobile, targeting